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The Binary Prospects of Google TV. Is it Beholden to what Apple Does?

GoogleTV generated buzz at CES this year, which should not be surprising given the market clout of Google and the rework needed to the tarnished image of GoogleTV.  Most of us will agree that GoogleTV has failed to perform.  Personally,

2011 Has Been a Landmark Year for Online Video

As 2011 comes to a close, it is hard to deny that it was a definitive year for online video even against the backdrop of the assertive pace that the industry has been on for the past few years.   The

Why Google TV and Apple TV are Still Hobbies

In an earlier article, I talked about why the nomenclature for GoogleTV and AppleTV is ill-conceived, and why Google and Apple are doing the marketing of these products a disservice.  At the same time, the opportunity to bring Internet and digital