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2011 Has Been a Landmark Year for Online Video

As 2011 comes to a close, it is hard to deny that it was a definitive year for online video even against the backdrop of the assertive pace that the industry has been on for the past few years.   The

Netflix will stream more than 1 billion hours in Q4

Netflix may have had some troubles keeping its customers on board, but streaming usage has nonetheless been growing: The company's CEO Reed Hastings revealed during an investors conference Tuesday that Netflix is now streaming "well over a billion hours" to

Xbox Live is the first big step to true video convergence

The new Xbox Live update launching tomorrow is the start of a rollout of lots of new content partners on the platform. But the big innovation will be allowing them to be navigated from a unified search mechanism powered by

Fanhattan brings its video search app to the iPhone

Video discovery startup Fanhattan rolled out a new iPhone app that will allow users to search and navigate TV shows and movies that are available on the device. The release follows Fanhattan's launch of an app for the iPad, which

CBS turned down an ad-based Apple TV deal

When asked about CBS's appetite for striking deals with new streaming providers that might not have the money to pay cash upfront to license its content, Moonves said that CBS had decided against joining an Apple TV service because it